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The Reason Why Going Viral should not be on your 2023 goals list

Everyone wants to go viral! Did you know that going viral should not be a goal or marketing strategy? Let’s keep in mind that any single video, news post, tweet, or blog can go viral. This means that this piece of content reaches a large number of people, gains a high level of engagement and shares during a short period of time. With no doubt a viral post can help a business. But viral content does not always mean success.

You’re not focusing on producing effective content

Creating valuable content is one of the most important part of any successful online presence. If this goes viral, it’s great but never make it with the sole purpose of going viral.

You don’t have to have the most popular posts to be successful, you need to nurture your audience and bring in potential audience that can turn into your customer. Most of the content you create will never go viral. But if you create helpful and useful content your audience will view and read is still a success.

To ensure that your content is useful to your readers, there are a few key points to keep in mind. First and foremost, focus on creating content that is original and engaging. Do your research to make sure you are providing accurate and up-to-date information. Additionally, take some time to review and revise your content before publishing it to ensure it is of the highest quality. When you focus on producing useful content, you can ensure that your readers will have a positive experience.

You are forgetting about your Brand positioning

Using social media is great for nourishing the relationship with your current and potential clients. Virality typically brings in people that will never buy from you or care about your business.

Instead of investing your time in viral content or ads that reaches millions of people, you need to focus on cultivating your direct audience to create a loyal base that engages with your brand beyond simply sharing a video.

If you’re using your marketing budget trying to “go viral,” it is common to push the boundaries too far, saying something offensive because you followed a trend that a teenager created, positioning your brand in a new way that confuses current consumers, or making a promise that you’re not fulfilling with your current workflows. We’re here to help you strategize your marketing endeavors inside and out to learn more make sure you meet with us!

Lastly, we encourage you to be authentic, be helpful, be real, and you’ll be rewarded in the long run. Don’t become a try-hard brand.


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