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The Challenge

Showcasing the MENNITI brand for the first time in Milan Fashion Week.


MENNITI is an Italian fashion brand founded in 2019. The brand expresses itself by infusing ancient symbols, colors, and motifs into modern designs with a global essence. It is inspired by its deep roots in Southern Italy culture and it is made for people looking to stand out by wearing exclusive pieces. The brand was featured for the first time in Milan Fashion Week 2021 with its Alba Collection.

The Needs

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Graphics

  • Video creation

  • Social Media content

  • Fashion Show content

  • Email campaigns

MFW MENNITI moodboard.png

Our Experience & Process

Working for a fashion brand was an amazing experience, especially with the opportunity to work behind the scenes for Milan Fashion Week. We had to ensure the brand stood out during the events and remained bold and elegant. After coming up with the strategies on how all the content would be presented, we had a lot of fun focusing on the right angles, lighting, and capturing the moment in general. 

When we were creating content for the fashion show, we focused on videography and photography. We started by capturing the moment prior during fittings, finding accessories, and meeting the models. During the fashion show, we worked on a live stream, detailed photos, and short video clips. 

During Fashion Week, we focused on two areas of content. The first was short videos captured for vertical platforms such as reels, TikTok, and Idea pins. The second was a long overall video highlighting the entire week behind and in front of the scenes. 

We focused on photos and videos during the event as we interacted with the guest, media, and models. 

Social Media Results

Before we started working with MENNITI, their Instagram strategy consisted of 1 post a week and was mainly editorial content. In the month that we worked with MENNITI, we published 5 reels with views all over a thousand, posted 3x a week, and live posted MFW events on stories. In just one month, MENNITI’s Instagram followers doubled.

Their Pinterest account lacked a strategy before we started working with them. We uploaded all of MENNITI’s Instagram posts and MFW content to the Pinterest account and organized them all on different boards. We also posted two-story pins that received 4k+ views each. From Feb 1st to Mar 1st, MENNITI’s Pinterest impressions increased from 726 monthly views to 13.8k monthly views.

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