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Branding Services

Website Design 

Nobody knows your clients better than you. We help you shift your knowledge into results by redefining your website user experience or even creating a new one. Working on appearance, layout, easiness of navigation, and in several cases, we develop the content as well. Let's showcase the power of your business together.

Time frame:

8-12 weeks for a website from start to finish.
4-5 weeks for a website redesign.

Payment schedule:

30% deposit at signing 

The remaining balance paid at completion

*The website development process is very tailored to each client's needs.

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Image by Balázs Kétyi

Branding Kits

Branding kits are a crucial part of building an identity hence allowing each brand to properly express themselves. Our branding kits include all the aspects that cohesively assemble your brand.

A band kit that incorporates all the levels of the brand (logos, alternate logos, sub-marks, fonts, colors, elements, persona, buzz words)

Tier 1:

This tier is great when you need your design for different branding elements such as prints, shirts, pens, business cards, etc. 


What’s included: 

  • Branding document 

  • Main logo in different backgrounds and colors

  • Alternate logos 

  • Color Palette

  • RGB/Hex codes 

  • CMYK codes 

  • Typography of the Brand 

  • Elements of the logo

  • Pattern of the Brand

  • Mockups

Tier 2:

This tier is designed as a site map. We formulate a brand strategy that performs as a guide for every aspect of your business to remain cohesive across Marketing and Advertising.


What’s included: 

  • Extensive brand document

  • Main logo & color variations

  • Alternate logos (sub-mark & name logo)

  • Extended color palette

  • Hex codes

  • Mood board

  • Brand visual guidelines

  • Typography of the Brand

  • Supporting elements of the Brand

  • Mockups

Time frame:

4-5 weeks

Week 1: Organizing & Collaborating 

Weeks 2-3: First draft for review

Weeks 3-4: Execute changes

Weeks 4-5: Final copy delivery

Business Kit

A well-written & organized business kit is crucial to maintaining a cohesive company and brand. This can be used to showcase your new employees or to send them to prospective clients.

What’s included: 

  • Title page

  • Table of content

  • Color palette

  • Mood board

  • Logo 

  • Typography

  • Mission & Vision

  • Ethos & values

  • Brand Principles

  • Brand Promise

  • Value proposition

  • Voice & tone

  • Buzz words

  • Closing message

Time frame: 3-6 weeks


Logo Design

During this 3-step process, we will first meet with you to hear your thoughts and ideas. We will then create drafts of logo designs for you to decide which one to move forward with. We will then perfect your logo and submark and schedule a final meeting to show you the results. 

What’s included: 

  • ​.PNG, .PDF print, .EPS Logo

  • black and white variations

Time frame: 2-3 weeks

* .Ai files are available for an extra fee

*This is not a brand kit, you will only receive the logo designs

Product Design

We will create graphics to be used on your website, Instagram, preferred social media platform, advertisements, 3D mapping, business cards, packaging, 3D product render, print design, tri-folds, event banners, magazines, infographics, and more! We’ll start with an ideation and brainstorming conversation for us to meet your needs.

What’s included: 

  • ​.PNG, .PDF print

  • *Desired file format

Time frame: Depending on graphic design complexity and details.

* .Ai, .indd, and other files are available for an extra fee

*Does not include printing

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