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Our Work

We're excited to share with you the success stories of some of our clients. We've worked extensively on every project, and it's always rewarding when clients are fulfilled. We have many more case studies, so keep checking back!


A gallery of images and videos produced by the Empire Bay Marketing team for a variety of industries.​

Beauty supply company focusing on nail products leading the market in Venezuela. An international brand with a lot of recognition across South America. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 2.22.10 PM.png

Sunflower Sugar Art has been a successful brand since 1989. The company’s challenge was to grow in social media and maintain current trends and buzz throughout the seasons. 

Street clothing company designed for high-end young individuals. Their goal was to portray simplicity tied with a trendy style that breaks the standard societal guidelines. 

Sticker Mockup.jpg

A video game store meant for the older millennial generation. A place where they can have a drink, try out new video games, use VR glasses and even shop some good old collections. 


MENNITI is an Italian fashion brand that was founded in 2019. The brand is expressed by infusing ancient symbols, colors, and motifs into modern designs with a global essence. It is inspired by its deep roots in Southern Italy culture.


Estala Skin Care is a skincare and accessories online shop based in Saint Petersburg, Florida, that helps individuals recognize their skin needs and provides valuable tools for a better lifestyle. Estala sells both on Amazon as well as their site front. 

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