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The era of third-party ad targeting is coming to an end

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

We are all familiar with the ongoing privacy fights that have been going on since 2021 both in the U.S. and abroad. While browsers like Safari and Firefox have eliminated cookies, Chrome eliminating third-party cookies once and for all in 2024 will truly change it all.

Meta, Snap, Twitter and Pinterest have lost a combined $315 billion in market value since Apple's privacy update went into effect in April 2021, according to a February 3, 2022, report by Markets Insider.

So where does this leave the companies that rely on third-party data? Creator Marketing is the solution as it has first-party data and engaged audience.

The views that these content creators make keep the audience engaged and coming back for more. This makes the viewers care about the personalities behind their favorite brands and they want them to succeed.

Leave your content to the pros!

Let's talk about some Creator Marketing Myths:

You know how people joke about unpaid interns running social media accounts? It’s not true. Those are professional account managers with plenty of experience at growing audiences.

Within Empire Bay Marketing there is a dedicated experienced team designated to each account within our Social Media Management Services to make it all look like is only fun and games.

It’s also not true that the Creator Economy is just Gen Z. It all depends on your audience and your product or service. Doing proper research on your Content creators and the type of content your brand needs from them is Key!

Cookies and third-party data will soon be a thing of the past, but creators shouldn’t be concerned about this. Their business model relies more on connecting with audiences and actively engaging with them to see which parts of their content does or does not resonate, and then building their base accordingly.

The industry has been quietly stressing about a looming global recession coming on the heels of the pandemic and supply chain downturns. Because of that, every dollar matters. Every ad spend needs to generate positive metrics, and channel allocations will become even more deliberate and heavily scrutinized. That is where Empire Bay Marketing knows creator marketing can help ease some of the pain.

Creator marketing delivers high-quality branded content to a receptive and targeted audience—there are very few, if any, “wasted” impressions or passive engagements, which is hard to say of linear TV or print media ads.

Key Takeaway

When searching for a creator to align your brand with, remember that getting your ad in front of the right eyes is more important than getting it in front of a magnitude of eyes.

Feel free to contact us to talk about our Social Media Management Services and Influencer Program Management.


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