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How to Create Killer Content for Gen Z in 2023: A Guide for Marketers

As we move into 2023, it's becoming increasingly clear that Gen Z is a demographic that cannot be ignored when it comes to marketing.

With an estimated global population of around 2 billion, this generation represents a massive market opportunity for brands. However, effectively targeting this audience requires a deep understanding of their preferences and behaviors.

In this article, we'll explore some strategies for creating content that resonates with Gen Z in 2023.

Be Real AF

Authenticity above all else! Gen Z can smell BS from a mile away, so it's essential to be authentic and genuine. Ditch the overly polished, salesy approach and create content that feels real and relatable. User-generated content is a great way to build trust and show that you're not just another corporate entity.

Consider incorporating user-generated content into your strategy, as this can help establish a sense of authenticity and build trust with your audience.

Keep it short and snackable

Gen Z has grown up in a world of social media and instant gratification with smartphones and social media, so they have short attention spans. Make sure your content is snackable and easily digestible. Short videos, gifs, and infographics are your best friends. Get to the point quickly and make sure your message is clear and concise.

Make it visually appealing

Gen Z is all about aesthetics, so make sure your content looks good. Use bright colors, bold fonts, and cool visuals that will grab their attention. Video content is especially popular, so don't be afraid to get creative with your video strategy.

Get Social

If you're not on social media, you don't exist for Gen Z. Make sure you have a presence on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. But remember, each platform has its own vibe, so tailor your content accordingly. And don't forget to engage with your audience - respond to comments and messages and show that you're a real person, not just a brand.

Be a Changemaker

Gen Z is a socially conscious generation that cares deeply about social issues such as climate change and social justice. Therefore, make sure to show that your brand does too. Highlight your sustainability efforts, showcase your social impact initiatives, and demonstrate that you're more than just a profit-hungry corporation. Bonus points if you can make it fun and engaging - think interactive campaigns or social media challenges.

In conclusion, to win over Gen Z in 2023, you need to be cool, authentic, and socially conscious. With these tips, you'll be able to create content that's totally lit and resonates with this elusive demographic. So go forth, fellow marketers, and slay the content game! 🤘


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